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How To Dress Like A New Yorker

Horizontal stripes are very chic and are represented by New York style. How can you dress like a true New Yorker? There are some useful style rules.

Update your look
You can wear clothes from other seasons or even a more classically outfit, but accessories have an important role in creating the perfect outfit. Wear a scarf at your neck or catch it at your bag. The final image will change the entire outfit.

Rock outfit
If you think your outfit is too serious, you can match it with an oversize blazer or a leather jacket. If you match culotte pants or a wide jumpsuit with black leather biker jacket you’ll create a very interesting outfit.

Baggy pants outfit
Keep baggy pants trend. If you choose such pants accessorize them with stiletto shoes or flat sandals. Will highlight the sport pants and in the same time you’ll have a feminine look.

Trench outfit
For those who live in New York, a trench coat is essential. Gabardine trench coat is one of the clothing items for autumn and spring. In addition, it can be worn over skirts and dresses because it looks great.

Print outfit
If you like risks then prints are for you. Buy a print outfit and accessorize it with other printed garments. If you want to stand out with such outfit you’ll make it.

Rolled collar garments
You can update your outfit with a shirt or thin sweater with high collar. You can combine it with skirts. It can be your best ally in spring and autumn.

Play with proportions
Whether you’re wearing shorts or skirt grab a XXL cardigan over you. Everything is about courage in playing with lengths and proportions.

Color splashes
Completely white outfit is nice, but it will look even better if you add some color (even black). The result will
be lovely in the end.

Monochromatic outfit
New York is a cosmopolitan city full of culture and color, but if you don’t want to risk with combinations and all colors matches, opt for a monochromatic outfit in a vibrant color like blue klein or orange.

Combine volumes
Breaking the rules is a common thing in skyscraper cities. Therefore, forget all the clichés about voluminous outfits, and dare to combine tops and pants in various forms.

Jacket on your shoulders
Like a good New Yorker you should know that lately, wearing a jacket on shoulders was transformed into one of the top trends of the moment. Remember this.

Bomber jacket outfit
Bomber jackets are the clothing items of the moment but beyond this, you have to find a statement bomber jacket. Not a simple one. It must be full of patches or to have a funny message.

Sport jacket everywhere
Sports style dominates in New York. Wear a pair of mom jeans with a sport jacket and some stilettos or heeled sandals.

Image Credits: Get Styled

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