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Why You Should Wear A Hat This Fall?

There was a time when no woman left her home without a hat over her head. It was a symbol of elegance, good taste and good habits. They give up wearing hats because they start working and it was very uncomfortable to wear a hat in a bus. Nowadays they don’t want to wear a hat not to show off. But they are very beautiful and this fall hats are back in fashion. All that you need is some courage to wear them.

Hat as a garment is the most convenient when it comes to protect our head of sun and cold. When we dye our hair it protects it from heat and UV rays, wind, rain and cold. It not only protects our hair, but the whole body because we already know the painful consequences of a sun stroke, don’t we?

The human being uses hats for a long time and has developed various hats models throughout history. For this reason, today, in stores, there are various fashion options: with boron, vizier or chin strap, for example. When you decide to wear them certainly you’ll let style be your guide.

Autumn hats
We choose this Ted Baker hat because the style and color are very suitable for cold autumn days. Burgundy or dark red fits very well with blue, green, gray and black, the typical colors of autumn (proposed by fashion houses).

Another fall friend color is brown in all shades. The second hat made of wool with a strip at the bottom of the cap. For blondes or brunettes who like brown boots or handbags, leather or suede is a very nice style. It’s very elegant.

In the same category it’s the third model that we want to talk about. It’s the autumn version of the classic summer hat. Of course, there are other styles and items you can choose to wear. So, you mustn’t forget about wool beanie. For more informal weekends, sports beanies are great. And for cold mornings wool hats shouldn’t miss from your wardrobe.

What do you think of trends in the coming fall? Do you like? You dare to accessorize your outfits with hats fashionable? I advise you to do this. Why? Because hats can give your outfits a chic air.

Image Credits: Stylishlyme

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