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What You Should Wear If You Have Small Breasts?

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Of course, the general fashion rule is that everyone is free to wear whatever he wants to wear, but you can’t deny that certain clothing items advantages other silhouettes better.

Here are our tips for you if you have a small bust:

Choose the right bra. To highlight a small bust, the best options are push up bras. Don’t overdo it because you’ll end up looking disproportionate.

Clothing details around your breasts distract the attention and maximize the volume. Play and experiment with ruffles, fringe, embroidery and all kind of applications but beware – too many details can have the opposite effect, making your bust look even smaller than it is.

Horizontal stripes add volume, but avoid them if the shoulder area is rather broad.

Balance your outfit wearing dark colors in the lower part of the body and bright colors that show off at the top.

In terms of accessories, choose neckline necklaces or necklaces with tiny pendants, which will make your breast look bigger. Also, you can wear knotted scarves knotted which end in the chest.

Tops around your neck highlights you bust giving it volume.

By highlighting the hourglass silhouette with a belt in your waist you’ll create an optically volume in the breast area.

Choose tops with thin straps not wide.

Prints in the upper body leave the impression of a prominent bust.

Avoid too tight tops and also those too loose – finds the perfect balance to highlight your bust.

You can choose tops or dresses that have already inner cups, if you don’t want to wear a bra.

Don’t be afraid to wear low cut tops – the advantage is that women with small bust can wear cropped tops without displaying an indecent neckline. Avoid V neckline and choose instead asymmetrical draped necklines, tape, or turtle, rounded and even tall.

Choose A shaped dresses or strapless dresses.

Image Credits: WikiHow

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