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Why Shopping Bring Women Happiness?

Shopping brings women happiness says a British study. Half of the 3792 interviewed women, between 20 and 40 years, said that they shop to be joyful.

These women are inspired by Jennifer Aniston, considered the most stylish celebrity. Protagonist of the successful T.V. series “Friends” is followed in the ranking of top by the British model Kate Moss then by “Sex and the City” star, Sarah Jessica Parker.

A quarter of subjects said they like to hunt bargains, while 20% confessed that going to shopping is a hobby.
Most of the survey participants are willing to make sacrifices in order to have money for new clothes. Almost half of the respondents say that they would give up going out with friends, while 30% say they would give up an exotic holiday to buy new clothes.

Jeans are the indispensable clothing item for most women Levi’s and Diesel being their favorite brands.
A fifth of surveyed women admitted they have about 70 pairs of shoes, while 5% say they have more than 100 pairs.
In the survey, 16% of respondents indicated that they have more than 50 purses.

Image Credits: SnobbShops

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