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What To Wear On A First Date?

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Well, on a first date with a man you like you have to take a good care of your looks. Even if you’re a fashion addict you have to think very well what you’re going to wear at your first date. Eventually, the look you choose reflects your personality.

There are a few tips to consider when you set your outfit: first of all, your future boyfriend style counts (depending on that, you can choose from fashionable, classical, sexy or tighter outfits).

Then very important the first date place (a fancy restaurant, club, theater, etc.), but in the end, what matters the most is to feel comfortable in the clothes you wear!

Here are some outfits that any man will agree:
-backless blouse
-black cocktail dress
-silk shirt
-high heels
-waist belt

Well, you have to dress appropriately to your future boyfriend style (at least at the first date), but also you have to consider the place where he take (if it’s not a surprise!). If your date is working in fashion and invites you to a hip restaurant, then you can wear a couture hat. He will appreciate that and fashion can become an interesting topic.

If the man of “your life” invites you at the theater choose a black, minimalist dress, but perfectly tailored and gather your hair into a ponytail. You’ll be refined, feminine and delicate.

You fell in love with a man who likes clubs and obviously invites you to the coolest club in town? Well, you can try wearing slim fit pants with a voluminous shirt.

If the romantic date will take place in a park, choose to wear a retro outfit with a chequers skirt, a jacket over your shoulders and a silk scarf tied at your neck.

What you need to know is that men don’t like too fashionable outfits, nor too sexy and nor too classical …

Basically, men want a little of everything and we have the difficult task of pleasing them. Besides that they want us to look “impeccable” and smart … and if you’re dressed too sexy he can’t focus on the intellect. Well, are you ready?

Image Credits: Madam Koverage

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