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5 Clothing Items You Can Wear At Any Age

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Any of us threw at least one clothing piece because it was no longer suited for her age. After all, as the years pass, short skirts or neon accessories no longer fit into a respectable lady wardrobe. However, there are some clothing pieces that will never go out of style and can be worn at any age.

The suit: any refined woman should have in her closet
A suit is one simple and effective choice to go to work, to attend a formal event or even for dinner along with your spouse. We must recognize that a suit is among those clothing items which shouldn’t miss from a lady closet.
When you look through all women suits you’ll realize why all stylists recommend them. As you can see, they are simple, tasteful and highlight any silhouette which means it can be worn for years.

Pants: a faithful ally
A pair of simple black and straight pants is a must have in a woman’s closet. While tapered and splay pants are not always in fashion straight pants are always a good choice.
These pants can be easily combined with any shirt, any color and are very versatile. You can wear them at work and even to a night out with friends.

Skirt suitable for lots of occasions
Midi skirt is the one you should have in your closet and it’s suitable for any age. The length is perfect for any body shape is very comfortable and very stylish.
A midi skirt can be worn with success in your 30’s and 50’s, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t have in your wardrobe.

Jeans- always in trend
For decades, jeans are the most popular pants. Comfortable, versatile and very resistant, jeans are perfect for shopping, relaxing walks in parks, out for a movie or any other occasion where you can adopt an informal outfit.
Every woman looks good in a pair of jeans and you can match them easily with any kind of shoes or shirt. You can wear jeans with sneakers or boots with shirts or elegant blouses.

Shirts: simple and arched, always a good choice
One color shirt is a clothing item that will get you out of trouble every morning when you don’t know what to wear. A white shirt is suitable for any age and shouldn’t miss from your closet. It can be worn with stylish skirt or a pair of jeans.

Floral prints are also suitable for any age and giving a joyful and colorful style. But be careful wear floral prints with simple skirts or pants.
Any of the above clothing items are suitable for both young and mature ladies. Do you have them in your closet?

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