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Clothing Items That No One Should Wear Ever!

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There are some clothing items that no one should have in their closet, regardless the body shape.

Very low waist jeans
Jeans are versatile clothing items found in every woman’s closet. There isn’t, however, recommended to wear such type of pants with very low waist. Besides that you risk exposing your underwear every time you lean, they’ll bring out abdomen imperfections. Better choose high-waist jeans, because this model creates the illusion of an hourglass silhouette and you’ll look great.

Leggings can be worn in winter under jeans or other pants or at the gym, but you shouldn’t go out wearing them, even if you have a perfect silhouette. Leggings were created to be worn with dresses or long blouses, which fully covers your hips and butt areas, and under no circumstances you shouldn’t wear them at work.

Very, very short pants
Pants very, very short are extremely vulgar and not suitable for any time of day. If you, however, owe a pair, wear them only through the house!

Short tops
Short tops were fashionable two summers ago but it’s time to throw them out of your closet. Even if you have a perfect waistline, wearing them shows that you want to show off no matter what but you’ll look rather trashy with this clothing item.

Low cut tops
Even if you prefer sexy clothes it doesn’t mean you have to expose too much skin, because you’ll look vulgar, again. Give up wearing low cut neckline blouses and pick some discreet clothes and don’t show your body too much.

Clothes in neon colors
Neon colors are always detested by men and often criticized by fashion editors. These clothing items don’t look good in any combination, so give them away if you have such clothes in your closet.

Image Credits: Thelaundrycenter

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