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How To Look Younger Than You Really Are

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To keep your youth and vitality as much as possible you have to take care both of a healthy diet and the way you dress. Outfits send a strong message about each of us, so as you get older, your taste in fashion will change and also your closet.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up outfits you enjoy to wear in the past years. Your outfits can be always fashionable but they have to exude sophistication. Here are five fashion tips to keep your closet youthful without losing your style.

1. Don’t be afraid to wear colors
Give up wearing beige, gray or navy shades. The color palette to choose from is very wide: wear with confidence for shades of blue sapphire, coral, emerald green, mustard yellow or red burgundy and avoid neon colors and generally very garish colors. Any outfit can be taken out from the crowd with a colorful silk scarf, a pair of shoes or a handbag in an intense shade.

2. Wear dresses more often
Dresses are full of femininity and elegance and they highlight your silhouette very beautiful, even when you’re not completely satisfied with it. Suitable dresses can lengthen and slim your body, but also can hide flaws such as a big bust or a thick waist. Choose to wear elegant dresses to hide your flaws and to feel confident.

3. Wear with confidence shaping underwear
Perhaps the biggest advantage of modeling underwear is that it gives you a firm and well-shaped silhouette line, but that makes you feel better about yourself and more confident. Wearing an outfit with attitude is the best thing you can do.

4. Choose wedge pants instead of splay pants
Wedge trousers elongate your legs and hide prominent hips and are the ideal solution for an office outfit if it’s worn with a shirt, a thin belt in your waist and some heels or a pair of comfortable shoes. This outfit won’t be out of style ever and it will make you look young and stylish at the same time.

5. Get rid of wide clothes
Arched ‘suits, sweaters, blouses and shirts that follows the body line without having to adjust a lot, dresses that end just above the knee are the perfect recipe to create outfits that won’t get you older or add some extra pounds. Wearing loose clothing items when you have a few extra pounds it won’t make you look thinner. It will have the opposite effect.

Besides the clothes you wear, choose to wear a few bold accessories to complete your outfit. White gold jewelry or silver are better than yellow gold, considered a label of maturity. Also, you can still wear heels, but you should choose a smaller heel.

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