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How To Wear Statement Jewelry: Modern Bride Guide

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When you’re describing a wedding “by the book”, usually the words “refinement”, “elegance”, “traditional”, “white”, “classic”, “delicate” occur most often in the description. But because things change every day, choices begin to be more varied. And because everyone wants their wedding to be very special and unique, traditional values are replaced with the modern, innovative and original ones.


The bigger jewels are, the outfit will highlight better.

When you want to impress, certainly the size of the jewelry you choose to wear matters. From oversize collars, ideal for low cut wedding dresses and chandelier earrings that will contour perfectly your face line, hairstyle or makeup.

Modern jewelry
For an extra accent in a different wedding, always choose pieces that can open an interesting conversation. Starting with the décor, food, dress and, of course, jewelry. Fashion designers proposals for jewelry with irregular shapes or unconventional fabrics will help you get an interesting look to the entire event.

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