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How To Be Fashionable With No Money

You don’t need to spend a fortune to be fashionable, nor shall invest only in designer clothes to be considered a true fashionista. You can be chic without spending lots of money.

Even if we always look for new collection on the catwalk we are also window shopping to admire the new collections from our favorite shops wishing clothes to appear in our closets by a throb with a magic wand and not by “burning” the credit card. But with some imagination and a dash of inspiration, you can be fashionable at any time without spending too much money. Just follow a few simple rules.

Search in mass-market stores those outfits you’ve seen on catwalks by fashion designers.

Visiting the vintage fairs and outlet stores at low prices should be a habit. Eventually, old basic items never get out of fashion.

Keep up with sale periods and provide customer cards to keep in touch to all discounts for your favorite clothing items.

Subscribe to newsletters from online shopping sites. Thus, you’ll be updated with the hottest discounts, with the sale season and you can take advantage of the lowest prices, instantly.

Take time to shop in…your own closet. We are sure that lost on hangers or on shelves in your closet are still unworn clothes that you can reinvent. Fashion is a cyclical phenomenon, so those slay pants that were outdated last year might be very fashionable this season.

Why not … take a visit to your mother’s closet. Certainly there you’ll find beautiful vintage pieces, that your mother doesn’t wear anymore and definitely you can bring those clothes back to life.

Reinvent your old clothing items: sew a few brooches on the lapel of an old jacket, apply sequins on a simple white T-shirt or sew some colored buttons on a cardigan and this is how you get some new outfits.

Learn to trust yourself: in the end, Kate Moss doesn’t dress every time with new clothes – and even Kate Middleton recycles outfits several times. Attitude is the most important outfit you can wear!

Image Credits: Refinery

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