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How To Dress On A Rainy Day

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These days rain doesn’t hesitate to ruin our plans when we choose to wear an outfit, so we thought we’d give you some ideas on how to dress on a rainy day without renewing completely your wardrobe.

Because these days rain may always surprise you, we’ll give you some useful tips that you can follow. Check the weather forecast in the coming days and be ready for any surprises.

Take into account the following:

It’s a must to take with you a funny umbrella that will protect you from rain. Search for a colorful one that will cheer your day.

Be careful not to use suede shoes because water can damage skin and color.

Take with you raincoat. I recommend you a plastic one or a thin one made from a waterproof material.

In these gloomy days, if you go to the hairdresser, take with you a hooded jacket or a large umbrella: so you won’t risk ruining your loops.

If you wear dress take a trench coat with you. It’s extremely practical! You can choose a thin cashmere cardigan that you can slip in your bag when sun reappears.

Image Credits: Colorme Courtney

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