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8 Style Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid

We all make style mistakes from time to time, but some mistakes, made by men, are inexcusable. Here are 8 style mistakes men should avoid.

Socks with sandals – well, we all want summer to come back, but this isn’t a reason to wear sandals in the cold season. Especially with socks! Keep your sandals clean for summer when there’s no need to wear socks. Or, go somewhere hot!

Innovations for ties, shirts, shorts etc – Say “no” to this trend! Nothing lasts forever when it comes to fashion innovations, and it doesn’t show a neat image! Avoid smiley faces, hearts, reindeer, clovers, animals, animal prints and other designs and leave them on the store shelves where you found them. We know you’ve made a passion for Captain Planet, but please, don’t wear it on your tie! Not so manly!

Brands and designers – you’re a commercial banner and no designer will pay you, just because you wear a blouse with his name written on it, which by the way, isn’t designed by him. Brands name written on your chest or sleeves isn’t very stylish! Try to be as subtle as you can!

Backpack at the office – believe it or not but there are a lot of lawyers and corporatists wearing to their suit and tie outfit the famous backpack. Still wondering why? Backpack is for students and hiking. Why wear it at work? Need a back for your gym outfit. Try a sport bag (there are a lot of options that don’t have big logos written on it) because it’s very stylish. And if you need to keep your documents, cell phone and other belongings, try a man purse.

Chunky shoes (with thick soles) – this was ‘90’s trend! And these shoes, especially those with square frame shouldn’t be allowed on trade market anymore. Some men still wear them today! Choose something classic because they will pass time test and your shoes will always be in style.

Shiny or sparkly shirts and outfits – If you want to go out to a club, there are better solutions to be brilliant. Don’t, literally, shine like a diamond! If you don’t know what to choose, try a black shirt with jeans or pants, and a pair of casual shoes. You’ll be magical, believe me!

Loose clothes – the perfect synonym for this is: unkempt. Leave Dr. Dre and Eminem to wear loose outfit because fits perfectly on a hip-hop artist in a concert. Choose pieces that fit perfectly on your body. Try custom made outfits because this type will highlight your body.

Colors that just aren’t for you – A blue cashmere sweater that you found on sale after Christmas might seem tempting, but if it makes you look like you are sick, don’t buy it, please. The colors you choose to wear should highlight your eye color, skin tone, and body shape. Keep this in mind when you want to buy something to wear.

Image Credits: Thefashionisto

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