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5 Fashion Rules To Dress Great On A Budget

When you look over your budget, but you still want to buy designer’s clothes, and think what did you do wrong? Well, you want to look at your best but on a budget? That’s possible, by the way, with a bit effort and paying bigger attention when you’re shopping. Look over these shopping tips and you’ll look classy with a million dollar look on a budget.

1. Choose clothes that never go out of fashion
Trendy clothes are for those that afford to change clothes every season. Choose to wear clothes that can be worn season after season without looking old-fashioned. For example, a black jacket or a pair of jeans with straight cut. Such clothes can be worn in various chic combinations.

2. Invest in items that you can wear daily!
Bag, shoes, jackets or overcoats are important items for your daily outfit and therefore they require a greater investment. If you have some extra money, invests in some accessories, too. And you’ll have these forever, if you take care of these clothing items properly.

3. Hunt sales!
A real fashionista spends a lot of time in clothing stores or malls. Inform yourself and don’t let the opportunity to purchase clothes at reasonable prices.

4. Never wear more than a cheap item at the same time!
Sounds awkward but this seem to be one of the main rules proposed by specialists. Avoid combining several cheap clothing items not to look…cheap.

5. Quality shoes for a quality look
You don’t need to spend your whole salary on shoes. Just look for a pair of shoes that you like and that you can afford to buy. A simple dress with a pair of semi-expensive shoes will leave the impression of a high quality outfit. The same rule is for hand bags, too.

Image Credits: Bloomabilityblog

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