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What To Wear At A Funeral. 10 Easy Steps For Ladies And Gents

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Funerals are the ultimate homage to people who have just passed away. It is important to dress appropriately to such a ceremony, and to behave properly. You should keep in mind a few steps to such an event, because it’s the “see you on the other side meeting”, and you want to be impeccable, that’s why you should choose carefully your outfit.

1. First of all you have to choose a conservative outfit, especially if the ceremony takes place at the cemetery or church. It’s indicated to wear: black, navy, gray or other darker shades. Not recommended low-cut clothes, your shoulders and knees should be covered. Avoid summer dresses and T-shirts with festive prints. Gentlemen’s should wear a jacket or suit.
However, some people believe that the burial outfit shouldn’t be strictly black. Even if a person’s death is a moment of mercy, some families choose to celebrate the life of the deceased with a little color. However, don’t ever wear strong colors, purple, red or yellow.

2. Let go of sport shoes and choose a pair of shoes. As a rule, you should dress to a funeral the same way you dress to a church. Decency should be the characteristic word.

3. You should check the weather forecast. Gentlemen can give up wearing suit’s jacket when they are outside, but they should wear it on the inside.

4. Is recommended for men to wear a black suit, white shirt, and long black tie. Ladies should avoid wearing jewelry or extravagant hair accessories.

5. Children who attend the funeral ceremony should be dressed appropriately. Boys can wear a black suit, possibly similar to the one worn by the father. Girls should dress up a decent dress without sparkles and may be wearing black ballet flats.

6. Ladies should choose to wear a classic black outfit. A black dress with sleeves, a dark suit with a jacket or a dark-shaded blouse can be also a choice. The suit can contain a pair of pants or skirt. Simple jewelry are accepted.

7. If you travel to another city to attend a funeral ceremony, don’t forget to take another outfit if you stay overnight in vigil. These clothes can fit in casual style.

8. If you don’t know what to wear talk to family members about the dress code. While some families are more conservative, others prefer colorful ceremonies.

9. A good idea is to have a handy handkerchief in case you or the person next to you will cry during the ceremony. Or paper napkins will work, too.

10. Ladies can choose to wear simple and conservative hats.

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