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5 Outfit Ideas To Look Thinner And Confident

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Every woman has a lot of wonders when it comes to their looks. Even if you’re thin and look gorgeous, you’ll find some imperfections on your thighs, eventually, and complain about your weight. And I bet you spend hours in front of your closet deciding what to wear. Take a short look over these advice, and bring your confidence back. Like I said above, there are moments in every woman’s life when she doesn’t feel pretty and thinks that everything she wears will emphasize her extra pounds not her qualities.

Well, if you want to create the illusion of a thinner body, follow these tricks and they will cheer you up when you’ll see the results.

We have five ideas for outfits that you can wear on different occasions and you can be sure that the results won’t disappoint you.

1. “Mono” right
You won’t fail if you choose to wear a monochromatic outfit. Black, for example! If you choose to wear a dress and try to emphasize your waistline with a belt and accessorize it with a pair of high heels, you can wave goodbye to 5 pounds! Your legs will look great, and you’ll trick everyone’s eye!

2. The skirt and top which “melt” fat
If you don’t want to go wrong with this outfit you must choose wisely the length of your skirt. It doesn’t have to be either too short or too long. The ideal length is until your knee to leave the impression of long legs. Please note this tip, because 5 centimeters count a lot. If you choose longer skit, then your legs will look like two loaves of bread in shoes.
The perfect top for this outfit is the one emphasize your neckline, so it has to draw attention. If it has an interesting design, even better!

3. Think stripes
Stripes are among your best allies if you want to look thinner than you really are. But not just any stripes! Only the vertical ones! Designers recommend thin stripes that create the idea of a thin and higher body. So a striped cocktail, whether the strips are on a blouse or pants, but it will give a longing look!

4. Jacket and pants
A jacket arched on your body, to pull your waistline out, along with a pair of jeans, slightly longer than the heel, worn with a pair of heels, are the perfect outfit for a night out with friends. Besides the fact that your feet will seem endless, the jacket cut will thin your hips and you’ll enjoy every moment.

5. A cut
This should be your best friend if you are among women with wide hips. It is a true miracle, made up by the best designers. Always practical and handy, it can be worn to many events. Automatically eyes will be caught to the upper body, which is narrower, so your hips will be camouflaged by the wide part of the dress.

Image Credits: Buzzfeed

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