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How To Dress And Look Terrific Over 30

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When you reach 30, it’s hard to change your outfit, and to find trendy and serious outfits for mature women. The fact is that things start to change when you are 30, not only your appearance but also your emotional health. You’re growing up and you start wanting different things than when you were a +20. Your style start to change and you’ll adopt different outfits. The fact is that you’ll know exactly what you want and you’ll go for it. But, regardless your style is, you should keep in mind a few tips to adopt a feminine look, because we are all women after all.

Casual outfits
You’ve reached the age when your femininity is not only physical, and growing up brings also self-trust and safety. Feel confident in your powers and highlight your femininity with obvious clothing items, like a furry bolero coat, a dress with floral print, a cardigan in pastel shade, neon shoes, a hat, a scarf, a delicate piece of jewelry. All these can be worn perfectly like a comfortable outfit for a shopping session.

Office outfits
At the office you already have authority and a decent job, you are already an example of professionalism, and delicate elegance should be the quality of your outfits. Choose neutral shades of gray, black and white, and you won’t fail, especially if you add feminine details like belts, high heels, bows, ruffles or jewelry. If you prefer the convenience of deux-piece with pants, choose to wear pastel colors, give up the neutral tones to avoid a masculine look.

Cocktail outfits
In the evening, embrace colors without exaggerating. Avoid wearing one-color dresses in dark shades because they don’t match your age. Choose to wear warm, vivid, bright shade dresses for cocktails, and metallic colors with rhinestones, sequins, fringe for special occasions.

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