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How To Dress Feminine And Sexy Over 40? Lets Enjoy 40’s To The Fullest!

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We all like to admire the latest trends in avant-garde fashion, but at certain age we can’t wear everything that appears on the catwalk. Although we have to keep our beauty and femininity by contouring our shapes! And we shall not forget about our charm and attitude, because it completes our perfect outfit regardless our age. Also, the following information is for us, women around the world that gathered in their life bouquet 40 to 49 beautiful roses. Here are some tips in wearing different styles in your 40’s.

Casual outfits
You’ve reached the age when your interior balance is enviable, and the woman inside of you is very powerful and has found her style. The biggest mistake you can make is to hide your personality trying to look younger than you really are. So, don’t hide your age, and choose comfortable and stylish daily outfits by integrating your favorite colors. Match a youthful pair of jeans with a comfortable blouse and a velvet jacket or with a knit top and a cardigan. Wear high heels or low heels, just wear them!

Office outfits
Don’t avoid colors, but be careful not to exaggerate wearing them. If you wear too many colors, it will leave the feeling that you want to hide your age. Choose simple and elegant outfits, but original that matches your personality. Don’t avoid high quality dresses, midi skirts in light shades, high heels or color tints.

Evening outfits
Special occasions allow you to choose special outfits. Choose simple cuts for bright colors dresses made from high quality fabrics or special materials like satin, lace, organza, brocade in neutral shades. You should avoid wearing black dresses, because it gives the feeling that you are a quitter, and you’ll look older than you really are. During this period you can still wear crazy outfits.

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