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7 Clothing Items Plus Size Women Should Avoid Wearing

Knowing how to dress according to your body shape is pure art! Those extra pounds we are fighting with can be melted down with the magic mixture of gym and healthy food! But until then, you can easily hide it with the help of clothes.

On the other side, there are clothes that can make us look fat instead of shaping beautifully our body. While we all support the idea that a woman has the right to wear whatever she wants, and how he heart demands, we also don’t want to fall in the extra pounds trap. So, if you owe a few extra pounds, you should not wear the following clothing items, because you’ll look huge!


We have nothing against leggings, but wear them at the gym. This clothing item is extremely demanding, and only skinny girls can wear them. In addition, leggings are unforgiving and will show anything from the spaghetti specialty that you fell in love lately to those extra pounds you can get rid of!


Yes, dresses and tops with ruffles give an ethereal and romantic look, but they also turn you into a ravishing appearance, being an enemy for a voluptuous silhouette. They add volume and make you look chubby.

Tight dress

Bodycon dress was replaced with the slip dress pattern, but both options are the uninspired choices for plus size women. These clothing pieces have no mercy with extra pounds and highlight even the smallest complexion.

Oversized pieces

Many plus size women fall into “covering your voluptuous shapes with large clothes” trap, considering that this will “protect” the prying eyes of onlookers. Loose clothing items will make you look fat and you can consider your worst enemies.

Skinny jeans

Yes, unfortunately, one of the most popular garments in recent years, is on the “don’t” list of oversized women. Especially when they have low waist and they end above the ankle, will add some generously extra pounds.

Crop top

This clothing item it’s still worn by girls around the world. But this piece of clothing isn’t recommended for chubby women. Sometimes, it can be worn with high waist flared jeans and a jacket, but is catastrophic worn with low waist jeans.

Printed pants

Yes, they “rich” with extravagance any outfit, and get’s you out from the crowd, but not always in a positive way. Printed pants draw attention to your legs, they make your legs look wider, and they aren’t an advantage even for thin girls. Do yourself a favor and throw them to the garbage if you owe a pair and dealing with extra pounds.

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