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The Skirt That Make You Look Fat: Avoid Wearing This Pattern!

Skirts occupy a leading position on the clothing list which highlights our silhouette, although not all models deserve this title. Whether you choose to include them often or not in your daily outfits, you should inform which skirt model is right for your body shape. Because some skirts will make you look just like a sausage, and you don’t want that for sure.

So, we’ve found a skirt pattern known for adding a few extra pounds to your silhouette. More precisely, it adds visually a few extra pounds around your thighs and butt, and it’s not recommended to have suck skirt in your wardrobe. This skirt is great for the ladies who own a rectangular body.
But if your body is in the shape of an apple, pear or hourglass, you should avoid this type of skirt, unless you like to look fatter.

Plaits skirt is the number one enemy of your silhouette!

Before you fall hopelessly in love with plaits skirt, find out that this is the only skirt pattern that makes you look fat. Instead of following your body shape, it adds volume in the posterior and thighs, and I believe this is the last thing you want when you already have “volume” in that part of the body.

Whether the skirt is short or midi, plains should be avoided because they make you look big.

If you are petite, this should be the biggest reason to avoid this type of skirt. It won’t just make you look fat, but you’ll look shorter than you really are. But if this skirt type stole your heart, at least wear it with high heels. And an important rule of fashion is for petite girls, is to wear shoes in the same color as tights, because it will make you look taller.

The best type of skirts for women with generous shapes in the lower body is the pen and tapered ones. These can be included in your daily outfit because they provide extra sensuality and elongate visually your silhouette.

Image Credits: Wendyslookbook

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