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4 Clothing Items Perfect For All Body Shapes

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Choosing those clothing items that make you look and feel good about yourself is the equivalent of an Olympic medal in fashion. Not only your body. But also your proportions should be considered before trying a piece of clothing. Sometimes, things aren’t so complicated and certain clothing items will fit you without going through the dressing room. You think it’s impossible?

Below, we’ll share with you those clothing items that flatter all body shapes.

1. Crop-top

If you weren’t endowed with a supermodel body, we understand your reluctance to wear a crop-top, but you would be amazed how flattering it can be for most body shapes, including plus size. The secret? Choose a crop-top whose hem will emphasize the thinnest point of your waist.

2. The wrap dress

We don’t believe that fashion should tell you what to wear, but wrap dress deserves the must have status in every closet. Feminine, wearable and easy to accessorize it’s suitable for all body shapes. It creates perfectly an hourglass silhouette, by contouring the waistline!

3. Pencil skirt

Tapered skirt is a seductive clothing item because it follows the feminine lines by accentuating curves. If you don’t have prominent hips, you shouldn’t think that pencil skirt will accentuate your shapeless forms: simply choose a thicker material!

4. Biker jacket

It fits in a casual context, glam and with a little imagination, even to an office outfit, but versatility is not the only strong point of the biker jacket. This jacket is that clothing item that adds attitude even to a casual outfit, but choose a suitable length for your body shape: up to waist level for apple, hourglass and pear body shapes, and up to your hips for rectangular silhouette.

Image Credits: Houseofmarbury

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