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The Coolest Jeans Of The Moment. Do’s And Don’ts

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Nowadays, jeans became our daily uniform (I don’t believe that there is someone that doesn’t have this clothing item in the closet), and you should know exactly which are the coolest jeans models of the moment.

In: two colors jeans are very trendy and stylish this season, and it’s not necessary to match them with another clothing item.

Out: If your jeans are too long, instead of cutting them you better roll them up!

In: The new shape of jeans that are found in Balenciaga collection is totally atypical: hippie style mixed with baggy & cool. You better match them with a pair of platforms.

Out: Torn jeans on one leg, and rolled up too much will make you look sloppy. Try to cut them and make the most awesome pair of jeans for summer.

In: There is an extremely loved trend among fashionistas: very long sleeves with very long pants. The same thing is for jeans to create an ubercool look.

Out: Too short and too tight jeans! This type of jeans will never put in value a feminine silhouette.

In: If you undo the hem of an old pair of jeans you’ll notice how suddenly you’ll get a completely new look. Don’t be afraid to DIY because jeans never deteriorate.

Out: This pair of jeans doesn’t have a high waist to add them in the 90’s inspired cool jeans. It’s better to be worn without a belt, because they will “fall” naturally on your waist, and you’ll create a boyish look.

In: The denim flared overall, worn with a crochet sweater and a pair of boots will look extremely fresh & cool.

Out: Jeans that are neither slim nor loose would be better if they stay in the closet for a while. Don’t throw them put them aside for a short time.

Image Credits: Freepeople

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