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4 Creative Ways To Personalize Your Old Denim Jacket

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Are you bored of your old denim jacket, but you don’t want to give it up? Then it is time to give it a fresh new look. You’ll feel like you’ve just bought something new, and you’ll receive plenty of “oh, my God, that’s beautiful!”

But if you don’t have any idea in creating a new denim jacket, below are four fashionable suggestions and I bet that it will become your favorite jacket.

1. Ripped jeans jacket

Ripped denim jackets are very trendy lately, so you better embrace this trend, and give your look a rebellious tint. You don’t need too skills to start this project or to invest too much time in it.

All that you have to do is to delineate the area you want to cut with a pencil then cut some strips with the scissors. Then use a razor blade to obtain the “too worn” aspect. You can remove threads with a tweezers or put the jacket directly in the washing machine. You’ll enjoy the results!

2. Discolored jeans jacket

Chlorine is the best ally when you want to customize your clothes. Personalize your denim jacket by discoloring certain areas on it. If you are afraid not to ruin it, there is another method. Soak the bottom side of the jacket in water with chlorine. You can create the ombre effect if you let it stand for awhile in the chlorine solution. A few more minutes it will make the difference.

3. Jeans jacket with details

Another way to customize your jeans jacket is to apply different details that represent you. You can sew or stick them, depending which one you prefer. And if you want to achieve a cool look, you can paint the staples from the jacket with colored nail polish. You can play with these applications by replacing them when you want.

4. Accessorized denim jacket

If the above methods seem complicated, we propose something much easy! You need a lot of brooches to decorate your jacket with them. Don’t be afraid to combine childish and glam patterns. This eclectic effect will throw you in the spotlight.
So, customize your denim jacket and I’m sure you’ll never get bored of it soon. In addition, you’ll enjoy this one of a kind pattern!

Image Credits: Bohemianromance123

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