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How To Take Care Of Your Shoes And Make Them Last Longer

Women and shoes have a special connection attracting each other like magnets. And this happens because shoes are a woman’s strengths. We like shoes, we like wearing them, but we enjoy all this when they are new.
Unfortunately, not all shoe sellers tell us how to keep them in good conditions after we’ve bought them. We just buy shoes, use them until they are worn-out, and throw them at the dumpster.

Shoes, as well as clothes, are bought with specific intentions: to wear them at the office, for special occasions or for a particular season.

So after we buy shoes, for most of us it’s a dilemma: should or shouldn’t keep the shoebox, to keep or not to keep the shoes in the shoebox or just leave them in the lobby or closet.

Wearing the same pair of shoes
Given this situation, you shouldn’t place them in the shoebox, because your feet are sweating and the sweat will be kept inside of the shoe, ruining them in time. You can keep them in the shoe closet because this way they will ventilate and will last longer.

Wearing the shoes only on special occasions
If you find yourself in this situation, it’s indicated to keep your shoes in the shoebox, because they will be protected this way by the sunlight, temperature and dust. If you want to wear them on another occasion, you better fill them with silicone pads to keep their original shape. Otherwise there are chances to deform.

There are many cases where, lack of information, ruins our favorite things, but it’s actually very simple to prevent and take a good care of them, and to enjoy wearing our favorite items for a long time.

Image Credits: Ebay

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