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Dresses Plus Other Outfit Ideas For Apple Body Shape

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Well, if in winter you can hide your belly under a coat, in the summer the situation is different, and you can’t hide certain parts of your body. So, you must know your body shape to choose the right clothes that sculpt your body and helps you in balancing your proportions. If your curves are concentrated in the median part of the body, then you have some of the apple-shaped features, and our tips will help you get a more slender body and a slimmer waist.

Many athletic persons are an apple shaped, while others get this shape after they gain some extra pounds. So, if you have small hips and the superior part of your body is bigger, then you definitely are an apple shaped body type. Your goal is to make your waist look smaller.

When you choose a dress, the first thing to look at is at its waist. The dress should be with high waist. You have to cheat a little to be able to disguise the waist and for this you need the most narrow part of the dress to be either above the waist, in the thinnest point of you upper body, or above the hips, but never right in the middle. Vaporous and fluid materials will help to balance your upper body to the lower.

But this isn’t the only trick to balance your proportions. The upper body will look smaller in a dress made on your body shape. So, pick a tunic dress or A-shaped dress, with straight cut, which starts to be wider below your bust. The trapezoidal shape dresses is the ideal choice, and retro style is back in fashion! In addition, they balance your small hips in relation to your bust, and you can add, anytime, a narrow belt.

Well, you mustn’t avoid wrap dresses, thinking that they would add more volume in your waist. If they follow your body line they will hide your belly beneath dresses folds.

Colors and prints are another important aspect that you should follow both for dresses, tops and jackets. You must emphasize your bust and shoulders with a different print than the rest of your outfit to distract the attention from the middle part of your body.

Kimono dresses are the best ally to hide the disproportionate areas. Sleeves that get to your elbows are the ones that help you the most, so you should rely on this type of length when you’re also buying other clothing items.

Outfit ideas for apple shape silhouette

1. Cheat with style when it comes about your waist by wearing tops that mask the prominent and elongated upper body. Choose straight lines to hide your belly and to balance your hips.

2. Wear long jackets and cardigans to hide your hips because they elongate your body and help hiding a big belly. Also V-neckline with prints makes you look smaller.

3. Color-block! The contrast between strong colors for the bust and lower body will completely change your perception of your body shape. Combine an electric shade bolero or a shawl with a monochrome outfit and you draw attention over your shoulders.

4. Don’t underestimate the underwear effect, and not just modeling underwear, to create a harmonious silhouette. Balconette bras raise your bust and distract the attention from the other side of the body.

5. Avoid both skirts and pants that narrows below the knee. Pencil skirts and skinny jeans!

Image Credits: Plusinplussize

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