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Dresses Plus Other Outfit Ideas For Banana Body Shape

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Most of the time we focus on our body flaws instead to identify our body type, and this way it will be easier to choose clothes that put in value your shapes and balances your proportions. Banana silhouette (rectangle) enjoys balanced proportions being an athletic type of body but lack of a well-defined waist, it’s a true challenge. Women with such type of silhouette have long legs, a generous bust, and their posterior is quite flat. So, you can be a petite lady, and the dimensions between hips, waist and shoulders not to vary very much, or you can have a big bust and hips, and still have a banana body type.

There are two types of trends to put in value such body type: either you match structured clothes to emphasize the straight lines of your body, either you choose feminine clothes to create the illusion of a thin waist and prominent curves.

So, the first strategy is based on various applications, prints, ruffles and drapes in the shoulders and bust area. Matching texture with volume will segment the straight line of your body, creating more curves. But be careful to use volume only in the upper part of your body, because you’ll risk adding more volume to your waist and you don’t want that. The area where prints are juxtaposed, draw attention, so you can contour visually your waist! Try to keep them above the waist however, not to add more volume your means. Apply this principle and casual outfits, combining several types of prints. The banana body type allows wearing any type of prints and insertions, in such way that will throw off the balance of any other silhouettes!

You should keep in mind that banana body type is highlighted by structured clothes with straight cuts, because the long and straight shape suits best with a masculine body. And you better not hide your body shape, and try to emphasize your androgynous shape. The big advantage is that a rectangular silhouette, regardless your height, you’ll still have those long legs and you can wear any type of dress you want!

But if you don’t want an androgynous body type anymore, you can create feminine forms with the help of clothes. To create the illusion of a thin waist and well defined choose dresses with a belt in the waist, because you’ll add a little volume to your bust and hips, balancing your proportions. An important tip is to avoid square or rectangular cleavage, because it accentuates your body type.

You can obtain a thin waist without drawing attention to your abdomen area by wearing A-shaped dresses or cloche, because they are tight in the waist and wide in the hips area.

Another way to add volume in some specific areas and to achieve a thinner waist is to wear dresses with your shoulder on sight. And you can choose dresses that tie behind the neck, sleeveless or with one shoulder out. They elongate optically your shoulders line and draw attention over the superior part of your body.

Image Credits: Whowthatwear

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