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Dresses Plus Other Outfit Ideas For Pear (Triangular) Body Shape

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Finding the suitable clothes for your body it can be a true adventure sometimes, but if you know your body shape, you can easily avoid the disappointment in the dressing room. The following scenario may sound familiar to you: you’ve found the skirt or pants that fit perfectly on your hips, but the waist seems to be done for other body type. Then, most likely, you have a pear body type, and we have exactly the perfect tips to choose the right outfit for your body type.

If your waist and hips are wider than your shoulders, it’s obvious that you have a pear body shape. Weight doesn’t define your body shape, so make sure that your hips and tights are wider than your bust. Pear-shaped body is one of the most feminine silhouettes, so you must emphasize your curves, not hide it. The clothes you choose to wear must not hide the prominent curves, but to visually balance your proportions.
The A-cuttings are ideal for your body type, and it can come in dresses form, skirts and pants, broad below the waist.

Also, high-waist dresses that start just below the bust is another way to highlight your femininity with which you were blessed. Also, babydoll dresses type or empire hide your hips and make your bust look bigger. Wear those dresses in a formal or casual outfit.

You have to add volume in the superior part of your body to balance your proportions: applications, drapes, slightly puffed sleeves, dresses with one shoulder, anything that draws attention over your body by balancing your shoulders with your hips.

Tunic dresses are also a wonderful choice, especially in the summer. They are great for any body type, but for pear-shaped body fit perfectly, because they emphasize your waist and highlights your bust and hips. Tunic dresses are easy to wear and you can find a lot of styles to create different looks with them, from an office outfit to a beach outfit.

Whatever the type of dress or blouse you choose to wear you shouldn’t miss one important detail: the neckline. Queen Anne neckline or V neckline are the ideal choice for your silhouette, because it increases your bust visually, keeping all other proportions.

Outfits ideas for pear-shaped body
1. When you buy a pair of jeans, choose the one with high-waist with large pockets in the back (it accentuates your waistline and give the illusion of a smaller posterior);

2. When it comes to jackets or cardigans always pick something that you can catch it in your waist with a belt, and to be long enough to cover your hips;

3. You don’t need to avoid short biker jackets, blazers or boleros. Match them with a top that covers the hips and avoid those that end at the middle of your posterior, because they emphasize your flaws.

4. Be careful with accessories! Don’t underestimate the impact of a maxi bag that has in balancing your wide hips, and create your collection of belts and straps that draw attention over your posterior and accentuates your waistline.

5. Shoes are also important. Wear medium or high heels, and thick heels are the one that emphasize you the most. Platforms are also a best choice for you.

Image Credits: Beauty.onehowto

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