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12 Stylish Work Outfits To Wear This Summer

Life, sometimes, isn’t fair! We have to work even in summer, on those hot days, when we should be in the Hamptons, lying on the beach. And dilemmas don’t stop to appear, every morning, when we have to create our office outfit! Below, we’ve made a list of the perfect summer outfits to go to the office.

1. Sleeveless shirt and culottes

Culottes pants are still in trends! Wearing them is a true advantage because they are very airy and casual perfect for the office outfit. Add an airy shirt and you won against the summer heat!

2. Pencil skirt and silk blouse

A pencil skirt and a silk blouse is the perfect summer office outfit and statement heels will masterly complete your outfit.

3. Floral print skirt and colored top

Your summer office outfits shouldn’t be trivial: is the hot season, so you’re free to wear colors! Be bold and match colors like an artist!

4. Shirt-dress at the office

The shirt-dress was among the first items invented by Coco Chanel. Wear a shirt-dress with a pair of heels and a statement bag, and you’ll defeat the heat!

5. Summer men’s suit

Nothing expresses more power better than a male costume worn by a woman. Victoria Beckham is famous for her powerful wardrobe: reinterprets men’s suit by replacing the suit jacket with a sleeveless top and a long vest in a strong color!

6. Striped top and flared pants

Bring the holiday at the office with this summer outfit: flared pants, navy print top and a statement bag. You can complete your outfit with a pair of sneakers, if you are allowed.

7. Red lace dress

Even if minimalism is the loved trend in what concerns office outfits, we can’t give up the feminine outfits! Wear a red lace dress with a 50’s tailoring, and if you accessorize it with nude shoes and a strong lipstick…you’ll impress … anyone!

8. Casual white dress

This is the favorite summer item that can be worn at the office, too. Match the casual white dress with a pair of glamorous sandals and a “serious” bag, and you’ll stay away from heat!

9. Maxi dress with floral print

This is a glam-boho style, but it can be worn as office attire by a bold fashionista. You can wear flats with this dress, getting rid for one day of those uncomfortable heels.

10. Jeans, elegant shirt and platforms

Denim will never go out of fashion, and you can wear at the office your favorite pair of jeans, as long as you keep the sober colors. Add to your outfit and elegant shirt and high heels sandals or platforms, and you’ll have the outfit for the office.

11. Midi skirt, floral print blouse and heels

One of the summer office attire with a delicate charm is composed from the perfect midi white dress, floral print top and a pair of nude sandals. If your workplace is strictly, replace the floral top with a silky shirt in dusty colors.

12. Lace shorts, white shirt and stilettos

Yes, you can wear shorts in the office as long as they give an elegant allure. Denim shorts or jeans are completely “banned”, but a pair of silky shade shorts, along with a white lace shirt and high heels are the best choice for office attire. If you don’t have a strict workplace!

Image Credits: Fashionends

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