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6 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Shorter

We know that the most powerful essences are kept in small bottles, but when a short girl wants to look taller, she makes it! Most of the time wrong, but she makes it! Because fashion favors any type of body, we can add visually a few inches to our height. So, keep in mind the following style mistakes every short girl is making, because they will make you shorter than you are.

1. Shoes that cover your feet too much.

Image Credits: Marieclaire

2. Long skirts and dresses.

Image Credits: Marieclaire

3. You draw attention over your legs and posterior. Focus to draw attention over the upper side of your body.

Image Credits: Marieclaire

4. Big purses. Every short girl should avoid wearing them.

Image Credits: Marieclaire

5. Your hair is too hair.

Image Credits: Marieclaire

6. Ankle pants or ankle skirts. Choose something that covers your whole leg or something that is very short.

Image Credits: Marieclaire

Image Credits: Voguedevoir

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