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Style Mistakes That Make Blonde Ladies Look Vulgar

Every blond girl will always stand out just because she’s blonde! Blonde women were always considered a beauty icon, just like a black swan! Given their bright hair color can’t go unnoticed, and will always get out of the crowd. But this hair color requires a lot of efforts especially when it comes to choose an outfit. You already make yourself noticed and it’s not necessary to add more, because the result will be: vulgar! And I’m pretty sure you don’t want that!

Below are some fashion mistakes blondes are making, often:

A blonde girl should ear this color only to her purse, pants and shoes. Never, but never wear it in the upper side of your body, because you’ll look like Amun Ra!
Another thing is the all yellow outfit – it’s not for you! The thing you’ll be linked to will definitely be a chicken.
The perfect shades for you are red, electric blue, emerald green and black.

Excessive vulgarity!
Unfortunately more and more ladies want to show what they got! On one hand, it’s not necessary a bad thing, but on the other hand the result can be a real disaster!

Too tight and too short!
A short dress with a deep cleavage, and backless – all in the same outfit! Well, something is very wrong! You’ll look exactly like a prostitute!

An outfit can be long to the ground with a deep cleavage in the back or in the front, never both! And if the dress is short, you better choose one at the base of your neck, and give up the cleavage!

Too much is so not classy! We must learn that being sexy doesn’t mean take your clothes off. And this thing isn’t available only for blonde ladies!

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