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5 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Fashion isn’t only for fashionistas! A few information about colors and the perfect tailoring for your body shape, or color shades which highlights your skin, eyes and hair will be always useful for you, whether or not you decide to embrace the latest trends.

Because we are women, we enjoy looking at our best and we all like to have that good friend to tell us the awful truth about our looks. Well, this article is your “best friend”, and find out about the worst style mistakes that add a few years in your identity card.

1. Too loose or too tight clothes

You are used to buy clothes blindly or to buy the same size in clothes you used to wear in high school? If you hate trying the clothes you buy in the fitting room and prefer to buy what comes in your hand, then you’ve fallen in the “style mistakes” trap.

You have passed the age when you were dancing in clubs in those tight-fitting dresses or skirts, but you still have these clothing items in your closet? That’s not necessary a bad thing if you match them properly: with masculine blazers and decent heels. But if you wear in your lovely 60’s this “dangerous” clothing items, no matter how good you look, you’ll create an unpleasant contrast.

And the opposite isn’t quite promising at all! Loose clothes don’t do any favor for you. If you have beautiful and harmonious shapes, even if you’re 60, you’ll hide them, and if you’re dealing with a few extra pounds you’ll highlight the problem that you’re trying to hide under the clothes. In both cases you’ll look older than you really are!

2. In your closet you find only dark colors

Dark shades emphasize the pallor of your skin tone, and light shades have an illuminator effect. Even girls with bright and fresh complexion have problems with all black outfits. If your skin already looks tired and dull, dark clothes will “help” you to look older!

3. You love wide trousers and sneakers are your favorite footwear

Nobody says you can’t look great at any age in the gym equipment, especially if sport is what your do, but you’ll notice in time that your outfits won’t show your perfect body line if you start composing your outfit from a pair of sweatpants and sneakers or an oversized T-shirt.

Change your approach and invest in flattering clothing items that highlights your body worked at the gym, and leave the sport-luxe trend for the supermodels! Also, you must leave the baggy pants aside: the reality is that they never favored anyone!

4. Your style is retro or vintage

Retro style highlights the delicacy and femininity, but must be matched with modern items. A midi skirt from the 50s will look perfect next to a crop top and glam sandals, but you’ll add a few extra years if you combine it you’re your “grandmother’s” blouse and flats!

Not even the attachment for the adolescence clothing items won’t restore the illusion of youth. If you still wear flashy tights from the 80s or Mary Jane shoes, it’s possible that people around you to say that you are older with ten years than you really are!

5. You choose the wrong accessories

Eyeglasses are among the most important accessories, especially as we age. The “grandma” eyeglasses model isn’t flattering even on very young faces. If you add to your glasses the support lace you’ll definitely compromise your look. Choose colorful designs with trendy print, and you’ll see how you’ll “bloom”.

Also ultra colorful beads or pearls that you inherited from your grandma are “guilty” for the “old lady out of fashion” look.

Image Credits: Worldofmoms

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