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7 Combing Mistakes That Make Your Hair Look Frumpy

A beautiful hair is healthy hair, and you must learn how to take a proper care of it to keep its glow!
Every woman wants long, healthy and beautiful hair, but to get these results and to keep its beauty is one very hard process. Of course, it helps to take proper care of it and to consume foods rich in iron, zinc and proteins, but you also need to be careful about small things, such as combing.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid if you want a healthy and beautiful hair:

1. Use the same old brush
Old brushes, with broken, synthetic or hard hair brushes are the worst enemy for your hair! Remember to wash your hair brush with hot water and shampoo at least once every two weeks. You will get rid of the hair stuck in it, dandruff and dead skin.

2. Ignore the purpose and your hair type
The reason for so many hair brushes and combs on the trade market is that it has different purposes. Round brushes are suitable to give hair volume, while flat ones are for straight, glossy hair. The comb is to untangle the hair, while the brush spreads the oils on the hair surface.

3. You comb too rarely
If you have long hair, hold a small brush in the bag and use it every few hours – a single brush in the morning won’t be enough, because during the day the hair gets tangled and gets dirty.

4. Combing your hair too vigorously
You really don’t need to show too much force when you comb your hair, if you don’t want your hair to fall. Use gentle movements and massage your scalp a few times a week.

5. You’re using the brush when your hair is wet
Keep in mind that wet hair is very fragile and can break incredibly easy. Wait until it has dried up to 80% and then just handle it with a comb.

6. You’re using a hard comb that irritates your scalp
You can’t have nice hair without a healthy scalp and strong roots, so be gentle when it comes to comb over your scalp surface.

7. You don’t comb your hair in the right direction
Although everyone is combing their hair from roots to tips, you should know that you have to comb it from tips to roots, especially when the hair is wet or tangled, unless you want to see how it falls.

Image Credits: Melhorcomsaude

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