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How to Choose The Perfect Shirt. 6 Important Things Every Man Should Consider

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and felt that something was wrong with your shirt? And yet you haven’t figured out what’s wrong?

You are not the only one. Too many people are pleased with shirts that don’t emphasize them. It’s understandable if you haven’t paid enough attention to clothing education, because finding the perfect shirt is difficult and it takes much time. Also, it can be very expensive.

What matters? The shirt is an important piece of clothing that should be in every man’s closet. This clothing item is very close to your face and covers half of your body. A well-tailored shirt emphasizes certain parts of your body, and intelligently can hide your flaws. When you wear them under a blouse, the collar and wristband are important details that can make your outfit special.

How can you find a shirt that suits you perfectly and looks good?

1. The prefect shirt

The shirt that fits perfectly on your body can be called the perfect shirt. If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it.

Which is the perfect match for a shirt?
– Comfort is often the main thing when you want to buy a shirt. A quality shirt makes you feel comfortable and highlights your body.
– Shirt’s sleeve tailoring should be large enough to prevent the robotic movement of the hand.
– It should be a two fingers distance between the collar and neck when the shirt is closed at the top buttons.
– The wristbands should end where the palm meets the wrist.
– The sleeves shouldn’t be too tight or too wide. They should allow you to move natural.
– Shirt’s shoulder line should end at the point where the upper arm meets the shoulder.
– If you are going to wear the shirt out of your pants, then make sure it isn’t longer than the bottom of your pocket.

Depending on your body shape, you should choose one of the following standard sizes:
Slim fit: Is ideal for athletic men with a thin body.
Normal fit: For more muscular men.
Loose fit: It fits better on a voluptuous body.
The biggest fight when you buy a shirt is to match it with your body. If you can’t afford it, we recommend you always to choose a customized outfit made especially for your body.

2. Fabrics

Choosing a shirt often reduces only to its fabric. Your first thought when you’re shopping should be: if you are looking for a shirt for a more sophisticated outfit or just looking for a sport shirt.

A shirt is generally made of light and fine cotton. Cotton is the choice of manufacturers for centuries. A cotton fabric, finely woven, allows for better heat storage, feels smooth, durable and is easier to iron. Egyptian cotton as well as Sea Island cotton are considered to be among the best cotton raw materials.

A sport shirt can be woven from robust cotton in a casual fabric such as Chambray Cotton or Flannel.
However, it doesn’t have the same properties as top quality cotton, synthetic fiber shirts are cheaper and they are less prone to wrinkle.

3. The collar

The collar fits your face and plays a vital role in enhancing your facial features. These are the basic collar types available for men’s shirt:
Classic collar – also known as straight collar, this is a versatile collar that is perfect for special occasions. Is a classic collar for men and tends to elongate your face.
Button down collar – similar to the classic collar, but with buttons on the top of the collar. Buttons have the role of fixing the collar to the shirt. The least formal of all types of collar, the button collar is worn with a casual outfit.
The extended collar – the collar tips are usually at a distance of about 4 inches. Suitable for long-haired or medium-haired men.
Broad-extended collar – the points on this collar are pulled back at about 5.5 inches off. Ideal for complex and stylish tie knots. It’s an elegant collar even when it’s worn out.
The tape collar – tape is a piece of material that fits around the neck. You should never wear a tie with this type of shirt. It’s a casual shirt and looks very good with canvas fabric.
The wing collar – this is a collar that is worn only with a bow tie. The most formal of all collar types is characterized by two front wings that are hidden behind a bow tie.

4. Wristbands

Shirt’s wristbands are small but very important when you’re choosing a shirt. Besides the collar, these are the only visible parts of a shirt, when it’s worn with a suit.

The French wristbands are twice as big as the other types of wristbands and are turned back and closed with buttons. They have a very distinctive appearance and are usually associated with the style of a wing collar or associated with formal shirts. French wristbands should be worn with buttons.

A cylinder wristband is also formal and has two or three vertical buttons. Generally, double buttons are recommended for taller men, while wristbands with a single button are ideal for smaller men. Double buttons on the wristbands look beautiful around the wrist, creating a unique look.

Some wristbands are provided with a small button between the sleeve and the end of the wristband, called the Gauntlet button. This small button prevents accidental lifting of the shirt on the wrist and around a gentleman’s arm.
Gauntlet buttons are a sign of a high quality shirt.

5. Buttons

Plastic buttons are common, cheap and quite resistant. But, sometimes they can break if they are made from low quality material.
Pearl type buttons are the desired alternative. These buttons aren’t made from real pearls, but they are made from the pearl’s shell and are strong enough to break the needles. They cost a little more and are the result of high quality shirts.
Wood or horn buttons are good alternatives for casual shirts. While flat buttons are easier to use, they are more prone to breakage.
Use your wisdom to decide which type of button suits your preferences.

6. Charisma
Think of a shirt as if it had personality. Do you think the style that you want to try will receive compliments?
The modern man has a variety of options to show his personality through a shirt. You can wear a white shirt to a light blue shirt, with a tie or colorful designs for parties.

You should pay attention to details and ensure that you have chosen the perfect shirt, from the wristband to collar and buttons material!

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