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Men Fashion: How To Wear Semi-Brogue Shoes?

Semi-Brogues shoes formalities

Until the 1900s, brogues were considered casual shoes. Traditionally, they were designed as outdoor shoes.
Brogues weren’t designed for casual or business occasions. Over time, they become walking shoes for country-side gentlemen.

The modern perforations used exclusively for decorative purposes have allowed the brogue shoe to be regarded as a casual business item, and in some cases, even formal footwear.

Brogue formality is inversely proportional to the perforation amount. The more decorative perforations the shoe is less formal. Semi-brogues shoes are more formal than full brogues.

How to Wear Semi-Brogue?

These shoes offer an ideal balance between simplicity and refinement.
As semi brogues shoes settles in the middle of the scale between the simple design of a quarter brogue and the extravagance of a full brogue. That’s why they are suited for both business and casual occasions.
The lower weight of a half brogue makes it the best choice if you choose the elegant style.

– The classic colors for semi brogues are brown, oxblood and black.
– In shades of dark brown or oxblood, semi brogues are a versatile option and can be worn with a casual jacket or brown suit.
– You can match these shoes with jeans, chinos or moleskin for a casual outfit.
– Any variety of blue matches perfectly with a pair of brown semi-brogues!

Semi-Brogue fabrics
These shoes are usually made of calf leather, but they can be made from other leathers such as suede.
The half brogue style has the best presentation in a smooth skin or uniform that makes it shine.
Exotic leathers are not suitable for brogues shoes, as the fiber tends to overpower the decorative perforations.

Whether you are a man that embraces “jeans & shirt” style or you prefer casual jackets or colorful suits, a pair of semi-brogues shoes is the best choice you can make. Match them as you like. These shoes are the root for a smart-casual-business outfit.

Image Credits: Gentlementools

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