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Men Fashion: How To Choose The Perfect Jeans That Make You Look Irresistible?

Men in jeans look absolutely gorgeous. Somewhere back in the 50’s, men in tuxedo lost their power in front of that bad-boy attitude that men in jeans had. Especially when James Dean made his rebel appearance in jeans and leather jacket! Even today, men in jeans have more sex-appeal than those who are wearing a suit and tie. But, how men should choose a pair of jeans that make them look irresistible?

Jeans should have buttons!
The perfect pair of jeans for every man should have buttons instead of a zipper. Buttons are manly and make the upper part of any pair to fit perfectly on your hips.

The perfect jeans should be low waist, but not too low!
The perfect man jeans should reveal the navel and the abdominal V-shape, but not the pubic hair. That’s disgusting! That gangsta look fits perfectly only on Eminem and rappers. No woman would like to see your panties.

A bit loose but not skinny!
Skinny are too feminine and baggy jeans are kind of strange. They make you look like you would want to hide your body. A few guys look sexy in baggy jeans, and these guys are called Charlie Hunnam and Johnny Depp. So, the perfect jeans are those with straight cut that make your leg look relaxed.

To fit perfectly on your butt, but not too tight!
A bit of mystery doesn’t mind! So, it’s better not to show your butt shape, just leave every girl’s imagination to work. You may be proud of your shapes but don’t show everything!

Image Credits: Onpointfresh

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