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How To Dress Like A Diva Without Spending Much Money

It would’ve been a dream come true to have designer clothes made from high quality fabrics, but the reality is another. Not everyone affords to buy expensive clothes, but most of us would like to dress like fashion models on catwalk. And this thing is actually possible even if you have a small budget. You can dress exactly like those girls on the catwalk without being “bank robbed” if you learn the following style tricks.

1. Neutral colors are synonymous with luxury
We don’t know why, but colors such as caramel, beige, cream or brown are synonymous with luxury anywhere on the planet. Let yourself inspired by Coco Chanel’s classic style or the simplicity of Kate Middleton and change your style this spring. Short nails on a pale color, can complement such a styling.

2. Don’t hesitate to wear clothes made at the tailor
A well-tailored trench or an office skirt, above the knees, inspires luxury. Don’t hesitate to see a tailor for unique clothing items that you won’t see someone else wearing them. Just think that, long time ago, only the richest people allowed themselves to go to the tailor.

3. Learn to match your clothes
We know that recent trends say not to match your purse with your shoes, but if you do, you’ll spread luxury. If you find it boring, try to match your purse with your hat or blouse.

4. Dress in black or white
If you see a girl down the street dressed all-white or all-black she will spread luxury, for sure! That’s because the monochrome style is very elegant.

5. Add metallic details
Choose to wear gold or silver buttons…or a stylish golden zipper to your little black dress. These details look like jewels, leaving the impression of a catwalk model.

6. Clean your shoes
Whatever you do, never leave your house with dirty shoes. It’s something an elegant woman with a good financial situation would never do. So clean your shoes, especially the leather ones.

7.Wear your jacket on your shoulders
When you choose to wear a casual outfit such as ankle jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt, don’t clothe the jacket you choose to wear…put it on your shoulders, in a careless way. You’ll look like a diva even in sneakers. Also, you can do the same with a trench or a coat.

If you apply these tips, you’ll reinvent yourself this spring. The change will be so great that even your best friends won’t recognize you. And don’t forget that the right, relaxed and elegant attitude with impeccable manners will spread even more luxury than clothes.

Image Credits: Youqueen

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