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7 Style Mistakes Women After 30 Make

It happens often to stare in front of your closet not knowing what to wear. And in the end, you pick some clothes in a hurry, even though you know you didn’t make the right choice. The truth is that making mistakes in this regard is easier than you think, although it is not difficult to avoid this style traps.

1. Lots of clothes, but how many of them are wearable?
Many women wear only 20% of all the clothes they have in their closet, and the reasons are: uncomfortable, difficult to match, bad fabric, the pattern doesn’t benefit you, they don’t fit your size anymore but you don’t want to give them away. The solution is to select the clothes you don’t wear anymore. If you didn’t wear a specific clothing item for 3 months, I’m telling you won’t wear it anymore, and you know what you have to do with it.

2. Do you really know how you look?
In fact, this question should’ve been different: do you have a bigger mirror to see your whole reflection? It’s essential to know your whole appearance, starting with your earrings and ending with your shoes. Details make a big difference! Many women have mirrors that reflect only half of their body, which is wrong because you don’t know if the effect is symmetrical.

3. Dress according to your age
Okay, this doesn’t mean you’re making huge mistakes. But if we’re thinking about the hairstyle, you’ll agree that after you’ve turned 30, for example, it’s not good for you to catch your hair in a ponytail with an ugly headband. You’ll look like an old fashioned school girl.

4. Always make the right choices
The biggest mistake you can make is to dress in a hurry, because we won’t get the change to analyze our look. And the chances to have your clothes unironed are very high, and this is a huge mistake. Tight, transparent, shiny clothes or short skirts, sleeveless tops, too tight pants – are a few examples of wrong choices.

5. Highlight your beautiful body shape
Honestly, to know how to dress is a real art, and contouring your body shapes carefully by hiding your flaws and emphasizing your strengths, is part of it. The fact is we have to do this very subtle without showing that this was our intention.

6. But what about shoes?
If you don’t choose them according to the rest of the outfit, you will ruin the entire outfit. Casual, elegant or classic, shoes are meant to fill a neat outfit.

7. Choosing colors
It doesn’t mean that you should wear only dark clothes at work, but also you don’t have to look colorful like at the beach. There are a lot of things you should consider when choosing an office outfit, such as time of day, skin and hair tone, , and nevertheless your personal style.

Image Credits: Whowhatwear

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