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3 Classy Hairstyles Ready In 3 Minutes Perfect For Messy Mornings

Mornings are awful especially when it comes to choosing your outfit or hairstyle. We already given you information about choosing the right outfit in the morning, well, below you’ll find out how to style your hair in no time.
These hairstyles can be done very easy even for those less talented ladies.

1. Quick Bun
Make a parting on one side then catch your hair in a ponytail. Move the hair elastic slightly below the hair roots then roll your hair up to cover the elastic and catch the bun with bobby pins until you feel it stable.

2. Braid on one side
Comb your hair well and bring it on one side. Separate a thick hair strand from the rest of the hair and braid it. Catch the braid with a hair elastic then separate the remaining hair in two parts. Braid your whole hair by introducing the other braid. Once you finished, catch the braid with other hair elastic, and pull your hair strands to create volume.

3. Braided Bun
It looks sophisticated and can be worn both day and evening events. Catch your hair in a ponytail on top of your head. Split it in three and braid it. After you created volume to your braid start rolling it and catch it with bobby pins.

Below you have a video tutorial to create the most beautiful hairstyles in no-time!

Image Credits: Gommap

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