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6 Gorgeous Swimsuit Patterns Perfect To Hide Your Tummy

Most of us know how difficult is to hide your tummy, especially when you go to the beach. But, fortunately, there are many swimsuits patterns that can do magic with your body, even if you have a few extra pounds or your tummy is stubborn and wants to come out. All that you have to do is to pick your favorite swimsuit pattern to look gorgeous.
Buying a sexy swimsuit, when you have a big belly, can be a real challenge, but if you take in account the following tips, you’ll find the perfect swimsuit very quickly.

1. Bandeau swimsuit with colored stripes

This type of swimsuit hides perfectly your belly due to its cut and prints. And those colorful strips will draw attention over your hips not your belly. Although you don’t have to choose this pattern if you have too many extra pounds or big breasts because it will make you look even bigger. It’s great only for mummy-tummy.

2. Dress type swimsuit

If you have a few extra pounds, but small breasts, this is the right pattern for you. On top, this swimsuit looks like a dress by covering your tummy very well under that fabric. And if you pick a flowered pattern, you’ll draw attention over the prints. Choose a black swimsuit with big flowers on a light colors to drop off visually some pounds.

3. Vintage swimsuit

Here is a very inspired combination that helps you to hide perfectly the areas of your body. The push-up bra will make your breast look perfectly, and this vintage pattern will add charm to your beach outfit. This type of panties will hide your belly and it will highlight your waist.

4. One-piece swimsuit

This classic swimsuit is recommended for more plus size women. Being one-piece swimsuit, dress-type, will hide perfectly your tummy and hips. The top is perfectly made for those with big breasts. Choose this pattern on two contrasting colors to mark your waistline.

5. Deux-piece swimsuit

This pattern looks pretty much with the vintage version. Here, both pieces are retro with polka dots. Always choose the dots on a brighter shade than swimsuits background. The bra will support well your breasts and the panties will hide perfectly your belly.

6. One-piece swimsuit with prints

Another great pattern is this one-piece flowered print swimsuit. The black color favors you, and the colorful flowers, beautifully arranged on the piece of fabric will make your body look thinner and hiding your tummy very well.

Image Credits: Swimsuitsflorall

3 gorgeous swimsuit patterns perfect to hide your tummy

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