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How You Should Never Get Dressed If You Don’t Want To Look Unkempt

Clothing mistakes? Well, it happens! And it happens to both ordinary people and celebrities. And it probably happened to you and your best friend or your mother and so on. Whether it was because you were in a hurry, or you simply didn’t match your makeup with your clothes. It just happens!
Below, we’ll show you what are the most common mistakes in clothing. Try to avoid them to have an impeccable outfit every day.

1. Mismatching colors
Fabrics have different colors and textures. They can be eye-catching, but it’s good to know that some colors fit only with certain skin tones, while others look disastrous. The secret is to choose clothes that fit your skin tone. Never dress in colors that make you look sick.

2. Too small or too big clothes
If you’re curvy, always wear clothes on your own size. Don’t dress too tight. You might look good while you’re standing but when you will sit down, accidents may occur. Also, if you are skinny, avoid very wide clothes. And those very tight! Try classic cuts.

3. Inappropriate make-up
You must always be careful about your makeup. If it’s morning, don’t wear smoky eyes, because you’ll look trashy. Makeup should be changed, depending what time of day is it, and to match it with your outfit. Try natural make-up or this new no make-up make-up technique.

4. Dirty shoes
Your outfit may be impeccable but if you have dirty shoes, you’ll ruin everything. Also, avoid scratched or too old shoes, even if you love that pair. It won’t look good. You have to keep in mind that a pair of quality shoes does more than ten dozen pairs.

5. Neat manicure
The hands say a lot about you. They often are your business card. So keep your nails clean and neat, cut all the time. If you apply nail polish, and if it starts wiping off your nails, it’s better to remove it completely.

6. Sweat stains under your arm
Is difficult to stay fresh all day long during summer, but the right deodorant can prevent sweating. Do you have a business meeting? Take with you an extra shirt that looks impeccable without sweating stains.

7. Underwear on sight
You want to wear low waist pants? Your decision should not affect the opinion of others about you. Be always a lady and keep your secret linen secret.

8. Dye your hair roots
Remember, dyed hair will always look good than undyed hair. The same thing applies to damaged hair…cut your split ends otherwise you’ll look frumpy.
This rule applies especially to blondes…when their hair starts to grow they should do something because this is not very sexy!

Image Credits: Dailymail

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