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5 Style Tricks To Look 5 Years Younger

We all want to look younger than we really are, and, for sure, to look at our best. But, sometimes we don’t know what tricks we should call to change our aspect and attitude. That’s why below we have some tricks to look younger with half a decade.

Be bold

Our obsession with looking younger than we really are can make us look boring instead and old fashioned. It doesn’t matter how old are you dare a bit and wear bold accessories. The trick is to add that “surprise element” to your outfit. It can be a cheerful scarf, a printed blouse or a long necklace.

Dynamic outfit

A simple striped top can make you look cheerful and more joyful. It’s advisable to choose narrow horizontal stripes because it will make you look thinner. Also, you can try polka dots because these prints have the same thinning effect.

Emphasize your style

Choose accessories that make you glow. A statement necklace, a pair of large earrings or a bracelet will help you to highlight your beautiful features. That’s why you should give up those small and boring accessories.

Bright-up your face

If your face is brighter, you’ll look younger and more optimistic. An ideal way to make your face look brighter is to wear a white collar. A polo shirt works perfectly in this case.

Wear colorful clothes

Wear clothes in bright colors like yellow, mint green or red because it will make true miracles and make you look younger. It can be a dress, a skirt or a blouse, but choose simple items, not very elaborate patterns.

Image Credits: Hypeness

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