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How To Make Cheap Jeans Look Expensive

It’s true, not everybody affords to buy an expensive pair of jeans made from high quality fabrics. So, what? At least you can make them look expensive, and save money at the same time. This thing is possible if you apply the following tricks.

Choosing the right fabric
Elastic jeans will be very tight on your body, and it’s possible to highlight your flaws (wide hips or thick thighs). Chose instead, denim made from 98% cotton and 2% elastan because they will fit perfectly on your body.

Avoid embellishments
Keep it simple! Gems and other funky applications will make them look tacky. Not to mention that this type of jeans will quickly get out fashion.

Choose the right color
A dark color such as indigo makes you look thinner, and look more luxurious than light colored denim. Also, avoid discolored jeans because it will make them look even more cheaper.

Say NO to ripped jeans
Even if ripped jeans are very trendy, being a cheap product it will diminish its value even more. Ripped jeans look great on a high quality fabric.

Choose the right size
If your pair of jeans will be on a bigger size, they won’t look good at all. It’s very important that the jeans you choose wearing to fit great on your body. Its length is also important.

Actually this rule is available for any clothing item.

Image Credits: Cottonandcurls

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