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How To Wear Black Without Looking Older

Black will always be stylish and elegant and always fashionable. The fact is that isn’t so easy to wear and you have to be careful about certain details. That’s why we’ve prepared some suggestions to wear this color like true stylish diva.

With colorful accessories

Accessories in strong colors can make an all black outfit or black-n-white outfit look memorable. A vivid color bag, a cheerful hat or a pair of “awkward” shoes can give “life” to your monochrome outfit.

With fluid materials

Black has a thinning effect, everyone knows it already. However, if you wear tight black clothes, it’s possible to emphasize your flaws instead of hiding them. A black dress or a pair of pants made from a fluid fabric will give a delicate and chic tint to your style.

Fabrics mixture

You can play using different textures to get a cool and new look. For example, you can wear cotton trousers with a silk blouse or a leather pencil skirt with a satin blouse. Add over a delicate wool sweater.

With white

There is a magic combination designed to ensure your success: black and white. You only need high quality clothes that suit you perfectly. So you can be sure you’ll look like a diva wherever you go.

With a great makeup

Black can make you look older than you are if you don’t wear makeup. It’s important to contour your eyes, shaping them beautifully for a deep look. You don’t have to wear red lipstick because you could look trashy, instead choose a discreet and natural makeup.

In bold combinations

Forget the rule that you can wear black only with white or red. Any color goes perfectly with black: blue, green, purple, yellow or gray.

Image Credits: Benvindablog

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