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Style Mistakes Curvy Women Make And How To Avoid Them

You don’t have to look like a super model to enjoy your body and to look good. Even curvy ladies can look “delicious” if they know and ply the following tricks and avoid the following style mistakes, especially during summer. They hide completely their bodies We know that long and …

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5 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Fashion isn’t only for fashionistas! A few information about colors and the perfect tailoring for your body shape, or color shades which highlights your skin, eyes and hair will be always useful for you, whether or not you decide to embrace the latest trends. Because we are women, we enjoy …

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Style Mistakes That Make Blonde Ladies Look Vulgar

Every blond girl will always stand out just because she’s blonde! Blonde women were always considered a beauty icon, just like a black swan! Given their bright hair color can’t go unnoticed, and will always get out of the crowd. But this hair color requires a lot of efforts especially …

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6 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Shorter

We know that the most powerful essences are kept in small bottles, but when a short girl wants to look taller, she makes it! Most of the time wrong, but she makes it! Because fashion favors any type of body, we can add visually a few inches to our height. …

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8 Style Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid

We all make style mistakes from time to time, but some mistakes, made by men, are inexcusable. Here are 8 style mistakes men should avoid. Socks with sandals – well, we all want summer to come back, but this isn’t a reason to wear sandals in the cold season. Especially …

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